my work I describe worlds that only exists in my mind, I explore this worlds created by the inner mind, they are mainly landscapes of lonely places, where I am the only person in the work, the person that sees them, the observer.

I paint because I wanted to be a painter with 7 years old, when I saw a portrait of El Greco painted in a furniture in my house.

I work in traditional media and computers, creating acrylic paintings and computer generated images.

My work is about light, happiness, and memories. I use the shapes only because they are necessary to paint the light on them. What I transmit in my work are feelings rather than theories. I inspire only in myself, and although I have had strong influences, like Hopper or De Chirico, Hockney, etc. now I am free of this nuisances and paint what I want.

My work strikes in the soul rather than the mind.

I study art since I have memory, going to Museums, reading books, etc. My formation begins when I was 12 years old, in a painting Academy, Later I done Arts and Crafts in Madrid.

Later I done the studies of:

Interior designer (IADE University), Atrium Academy (Mainly Charcoal), Madrid Fine Arts Circle (CBA), Fine Arts Master (Complutense University), Master with José Caballero. Master with Antonio López. Among others.

My computers adventure begins in 1987 with a little painting program.

For me art is everything I see, I don’t have to effort to see art in a little sparrow or a landscape.

I have had a very rich life, plenty of big moments and sad moments, and in all the cases I look for inspiration.

My day is to walk with my dog, take a coffee, and start to work without a plan until night.

I see, I think, I paint.

Nacho Frades

Nacho Frades Studio

Nacho Frades Studio