About Nacho

Nacho Frades is a Spanish artist from Madrid born in 1967.

His first contact with art was through books and works of art which filled his home and what struck him deeply was a portrait of El Greco painted on a piece of furniture.

By the time he was 10 years old, Nacho had began to draw a lot and was constantly visiting museums around the city and subsequently joining the CBA, one of the most important private cultural centers in Europe, characterized by its open attitude towards outstanding innovative artistic trends.

At the CBA, Nacho developed a very strong drawing practice and went on to do a Masters in the south of Spain with Antonio López.

Following this, Nacho began working in the animated film industry where he developed a strong passion for digital painting, leading him to create two animated movies in the space of six years.

Frades has been a full-time digital painter since 2005, creating works that inspires a futuristic subconscious.

His works are in private collections, of United States, United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Caribbean, Poland, France and others.

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